by Dennis Guiney for Tamieca, July 2004

(The beautiful poem below is a gift from a good friend. It will soon be moved to the Gallery section.)

You stand proud, watchful

Leary of promises

There is truth in actions, not in words

There is peace in reverence, not in dominance

Life's breath flows between those connected to each other,

And to the Source

Only power from within can be wielded

Silence the loudest statement

Walk tall, those of like mind at your side

Yours is the direction many seek

If only they too would listen

If only they too could see

Those that can be shared are the greatest of all things

Ideas transferred without words, build bridges of consciousness

Knowledge transforms those who cannot into those who can

Love makes all things possible

Sharp of mind and unclouded by guile,

You are filled with wisdom

There is much you have to offer, and must be heard

Brave of heart you express yourself not from fear,

But from self-awareness, may others learn from you

Strong of spirit, ever poised for enlightenment,

Balance is achieved, Soul fulfilled

You take your place in the one,

Blessed with honor and faith,

Your mind is at ease



©Restless Native Dance. All rights reserved.

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